{vampire - dark deep thoughts}

✖[ a dreadful vampire taking a form of a harmless house cat ]✖

different. touching. nicer

{vampire - dark deep thoughts}
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{vampire - now you've done it
[ This is Duzell tugging that monstrosity that is a collar around his neck. Despite doing that for the past few hours he still doesn't believe this is happening. Then again it's the mansion. WHY was he not surprised? The vampire gives it one last tug before he speaks narrowing his eyes briefly. ]

One warning. Either stay away or get your ass handed to you. [ He bluntly replied. As much as he wasn't in the mood for hurting humans, he'll do it anyway because it might give him a messed up thrill. That and he would prefer not to die thank you very much. ]

Nothing against any of you. I have my priorities. [ That just means all you people he doesn't know. All the 'friends,' and allies he has here, lucky you he might share his profit if he beats enough people... ]

[ There's a loud CLICK as he shuts off the device at that. ]

{vampire - dark deep thoughts}
[ Most of Duzell's room has completely morphed into a distorted looking romantic set up. Flowers left hanging from vines above your head and fresh roses with thick thorns scattered across the floor and bed. The sheets were a bright happy colour and there in the middle of the room there was a rather pretty table with decorative tea sets lingering on it. It smelled like afternoon tea only a bit more twisted.

The golden eyed Shadow was sitting in the chair next to the table, his silver hair tied up in an elegant pony tail. His attire glower and glittered with dazzling decorations that would make anyone go blind. He seemed to be in the most cheerful mood possible. Since Duzell was elsewhere right now, the Shadow chuckled a little as he crossed his legs. Of course, Duzell was in the room still, just off camera and possibly a little stuck. He hasn't said anything yet either. The Shadow Duzell, however begins to speak. ]

You're so gloomy and my, my don't you look a little pale, sweetheart?

cut for tl;drCollapse )

[ ooc: Okay so quick explanation that involves a lot of tl;dr'ing on my part XD.

Shadow!Duzell is pretty much the true Duzell. He's gentle, sweet and caring, maybe teasing as usual, but he's seriously going to be hitting on all the beautiful population of men and woman. It will be cheesy lines, bouquets of red roses and other assorted flowers plus tea time with him while he torments his Original who totally probably could use some help maiming his Shadow. Any and all are welcome, but yeah if you stop by Duzell's room feel free to be dragged into his room or stuck in the middle of the hallway of thorny roses that could possibly do more than prick your fingers and yep fogs and Shadows are here to say hello. Hopefully I did this post right XDD ]

{vampire - dark deep thoughts}
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